Multi-Allergen Inhalant      

This method is recommended for patients with multiple moderate to severe allergies to pollens, mites and molds or a history of anaphylaxis. The starting treatment level is intended to be therapeutic, and is based on the patient’s skin test or specific IgE class results. Daily dose is 3 times daily. We recommend using a metered dispenser. Patients must be re-evaluated every 3 months, and re-tested at 6 to 9 month intervals for evidence of reduced skin test or IgE class results. Treatment lasts until the patient enjoys symptom relief and a reduced skin or in vitro response.

Multi-Allergen Food

The starting treatment levels for this method are based on the patient’s specific IgE concentrations.  Treatment levels gradually increase as the specific IgE levels are reduced. Daily dose is 3 times per day, preferably using a metered dispenser. This is often prescribed together with Multi-Allergen Inhalant Threshold Dosing for patients exhibiting both food and inhalant sensitivities.