Functional neurology applies the latest in neuroscience research to address various nervous system disorders using a drug-free, non-invasive approach in an office setting. A skilled functional neurology practitioner realizes that everything from the patient’s posture, to tics, to faulty eye movements, and alignment are all expressions of what is going on in the patient’s nervous system.  A functional neurological evaluation is very detailed but noninvasive and therefore can be performed on many different types of patients without causing anxiety. This is very significant especially when working with children on the autism spectrum, because they already tend to have higher anxiety.

When examining a patient, a functional neurologist assess these three defining factors:

  1. What part of this patient’s nervous system is showing signs of failure?
  2. Does this patient suffers from other comorbidities (illnesses) and imbalanced metabolic processes that can hinder his recovery?
  3. What would be the right type and amount of stimulation to activate the affected area of the nervous system to improve its function and restore health?

It is important to note that there is bio-individuality to the nervous system, just as individual as a fingerprint, and such that even those with similar symptoms would require personalized protocols in order to achieve the best success. For example, you cannot treat every patient with a balance disorder or ADHD with the same treatment protocols. Generalized treatments run the risk of exciting an area of the nervous system that is already overexcited, or stimulating an area that should be inhibited. Individualized treatment protocols tailored to the individual patient’s problem should be carefully monitored, so that the metabolic capacity of the patient’s nervous system is not exceeded, which would hinder rehabilitation.

Here is a short list of health conditions people have shown significant improvement with: balance disorders, dizziness, vertigo, dystonia, poor memory, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, poor concentration, tremor disorders, chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, etc. If you have been suffering with these or others conditions and still need answers, give us a call at 949-726-0707.