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How we've helped our patients

Below are examples of ways in which I have helped patients by identifying and addressing the causes of the disease, which include genetic predispositions, environmental exposures over lifetime, infections, allergens, stress, and poor diet.

What our patients are saying...

Sarah L, Young Mother (Sjogren's Syndrome)

I have been struggling with Sjogren's Syndrome for almost 20 years now.  Although most of my symptoms are bearable, I was just so tired of feeling tired all the time.  As a mother of a young daughter, I wanted to have the energy to be a good mother and keep up with her as much as possible.

One day after being exceptionally tired for no reason, I decided that I needed to make a change and decided to find a doctor that could help me figure out the root of my problem and help me make the changes I needed to feel better.  I knew that my diet was part of the problem, but what I didn’t realize until I started seeing Dr. Hubbard was that there were so many different issues contributing to my condition.  Layer by layer, we discovered those issues and treated them in a natural way.

It felt so good to finally be doing something good for myself and not feel hopeless that this is how I would feel the rest of my life, if not worse. It didn’t take long to see significant improvements in my fatigue and general well-being.  My various symptoms have also decreased significantly since starting treatment with Dr. Hubbard.  I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good since my teenage years.

I have already recommended Dr. Hubbard to other family members and I sincerely thank her for being so thorough and giving me my energy back!  I would highly recommend Dr. Hubbard to anyone who has a health issue and wants to feel better.

Jenny B. (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)

I had been feeling "not well" for years but I couldn't quite describe it. The "not well" feelings seemed to make me sound like if I spoke up it would seem that I was a complainer. Occasionally, I would go to my Primary Care doctor, she would look so concerned but she was never able to find anything wrong with me per her tests. So she would say I was depressed. I am not! Then I would try my chiropractor, who would say that my adrenals were worn out from being a busy mom.

Well, time went on, my headaches, digestive issues, food intolerances, fatigue, brain fog, rashes, and joint pains continued. There were probably more issues but the pain from the headaches in combination with the memory loss makes it hard to remember, and I am only 42. I felt like I had been dismissed by doctors but this didn't surprise me because this is the way it had always been.

I kept praying for help, for direction, for answers, and then searching the internet. I saw a chart on Pinterest that described me perfectly. It was about Mast Cell Activation. I followed the link and it led me to Dr. Hubbard. I knew by this point that I was intolerant to histamines and salicylates and that I didn't want to see another doctor who didn't know what those were. I phoned the office and asked if the doctor knew about them? When I was told that she did I decided to give her a try.

That was 8 months ago and I am so glad that I did. I remember feeling so nervous about this appointment like it was my las thope. Dr. Hubbard listened and then began to ask her questions. These questionswere amazing. It was like she knew me and what I had been going through. My favorite part is when she asked if doctors had told me I was depressed. Then, she went on to inform me that I was not, they just couldn't figure me out. She had the blood tests run, from there I learned that I have MCAS and CIRS. We never even knew that we had hidden mold in our house in three rooms. I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Hubbard. Now not only am I going to feel better in life but also my entire family can too. My husband and four kids are feeling better every day without the mold.

I would and have recommended Dr. Hubbard to people who seem interested in getting to the root of their problems. I especially like how she never makes me feel dumb or inadequate even though she is very knowledgeable. I also like how she encourages me to keep learning about my condition directing me to various internet sites and articles. Now I feel like I can live a wonderful life even with MCAS. If you are wondering if she is the doctor for you, check out her website and then give her a try.

Karen O. (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue)

I got ill 17 years ago. 14 doctors couldn’t help me. She figured me out in 8 months!

I came to Dr. Hubbard on a whim of hope. She discovered what ails me. She treated many things until mold became evident. I gained confidence in myself and confidence that there are answers. I was able to return to work and teach 3-7 hours per day.

I recommended Dr. Hubbard to husband and family. If someone is on the fence about working with Dr. Hubbard, I say give it a try, you will be amazed. 

Thank you!

Allison W. (Chronic Severe Abdominal Pain)

I had abdominal pain for 7 years and sought help from every specialist available with no relief. Everyone said I would have to live with the pain. I heard that doctor Hubbard had a different approach. She looked at the whole picture. Two most significant improvements I had were decreased pain and long desired weight loss. I now rarely wake up in pain, which it used to happen daily before.

I would recommend Dr. Hubbard to my friends and family. She will give you time and resources. She thinks outside the box. Meet with her once and see what she has to say.

Spera J. (Asperger Syndrome)

We went to see Dr. Hubbard in July 2014 for my daughter who was 6 years old at the time.  She started displaying a lot of anxiety from 4 months and with time it only got worse.  When she was barely 4 years old she was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.  Doctors were telling us there is more to her condition but couldn't see beyond the anxiety.  When she was 6 years old she was also diagnosed with Asperger's.

We went through therapy with her for almost 4 years, saw 4 psychiatrists and too many psychologists and nothing ever helped.  Every week her situation was worsening.  We became isolated, consumed with doctor's appointments and our house was a war zone.  She was highly aggressive, consumed by obsessions, she was expressing her wish to die daily and keeping her safe was challenged every minute- running in front of cars, climbing as high as possible, starting fires in the house, running with knifes in her hand.  Other than the mental state, there was her physical condition that was also worsening:  allergies, asthma, no immunity, lethargic, never sleeping, binge eating, gaining a lot of weight very fast.  

At the end of the Kindergarten year she had fallen behind in school as well and couldn't even learn the basics.  Nothing made sense to her.

Dr.  Hubbard was our last desperate option in trying to help our daughter.  Her approach was new and very different.  Her approach was looking at my daughter's health as a whole, not only at her mental health.  We started with a change of diet which reduced the binge eating after 2 weeks.  We followed Dr. Hubbard's directions and with proper supplements and vitamins her neurotransmitter levels came down to normal levels.  Month after month my daughter's condition was changing for the better, no setbacks, no regression, no side effects.

In the past year of continuing treatment our daughter accomplished more than ever.  She fulfilled a year of activities that helped her grow the self confidence she never had.  She went on a stage in front of hundreds of people and performed without flaws. And her year at school was a huge success!!!  Socially her challenges are minimal now at school or during her free time.  But the most important is that we are getting to truly know our daughter, for the sweet caring smart amazing person she is. We see daily a happy, peaceful and full of energy child and we cherish every moment. 

Dr. Hubbard brought our daughter back and out of the deep darkness she was drowning in right under our eyes.  Dr. Hubbard's knowledge and deep analysis is so complex and comprehensive to improve your health and well being.

We can never thank Dr. Hubbard enough and will always be grateful for guiding us through such a rough period in our life.

George W. T, Engineer (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Low Back Pain)

Before I became a patient of Dr. Hubbard’s, I suffered from insulin resistancemorbid obesitylower back pain, terrible chronic heartburn, hypertension, and Celiac’s Disease; I became ill every time I ate certain foods.  I had been to see at least four different medical professionals, ranging from Doctors to Registered Nurses at my college and elsewhere, and none of them could discover what precisely was wrong with me nor did any of them know how to fix any of my ailments. I was told about Dr. Hubbard by my Dad and was skeptical because he had told me that she wasn’t a traditional kind of doctor. At the time I didn’t know what holistic medicine was nor did I understand Dr. Hubbard’s approach. However, I was in so much pain and discomfort from my laundry list of ailments that I was willing to try anything.

After following the treatment plan that Dr. Hubbard put me on, I honestly do feel a lot better than I have in a long time. I no longer become ill after eating as I am now eating a diet more appropriate for Celiac’s. My blood pressure is now completely under control and a bonus improvement has been my dramatic weight loss. I was a size 40 waist when I first visited Dr. Hubbard and now I am down to a size 34 waist. At my cousin’s wedding, I was asked to be a groomsman and when I saw the wedding photos I couldn’t help but notice how good I looked in every single picture. I am finally at a healthy weight and body size and I don’t ever want to go back to the way I used to be.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hubbard to anyone because she is patient, understanding, and when she tells you what lifestyle changes you must make she will also supply an explanation. And if you are on the fence about making Dr. Hubbard your doctor, let me tell you this, she heals you without expensive prescription medications. You will have to make a few lifestyle changes, but the benefits will become evident very quickly. I am sure that like myself you will never regret the decision of making Dr. Hubbard your doctor!

Catherine B., Retired (Multiple Myeloma)

To speak about Dr Hubbard it is necessary to tell my story. Late 2007, at age 73, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer of the white cells in the blood that attacks the bones and kidneys, and told that my life expectancy was three to five years. I did suffer kidney failure and was placed on dialysis three times a week, in addition to chemotherapy twice a week. Needless to say, my body was under assault. I needed help. Good fortune brought Dr. Hubbard into my life. I called her my angel from heaven. She gave me the support that I needed to get through the dark days. At times it has been difficult to make the changes she recommends, but I have really worked at it and she has been there for me every step of the way. For me it is more about the things I don't have to do and don't need to take than what I do. I no longer need dialysis. My chemo vacation has been extended from two months to six months. I have had no bone fractures and don't need any pain medication. I am living with the cancer and life is good. I truly believe I would not be as well as I am today if it were not for Dr. Hubbard. She is remarkable in her dedication to her patients. We are a team!

Donald R., Manager (Lung Cancer)

A friend of my wife's referred  Dr. Hubbard to me. She had another friend that had cancer and had success through Dr. Hubbard's nutritional guidance. I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in October, 2010. Having been on many trials through my oncologist, I felt that my healthy cells were being compromised and that the bad cells weren't being attacked. I wanted to take advantage of nutritional healing as well as toxic treatments in order to get the best results possible.

Upon meeting Dr. Hubbard, I was impressed by her immense knowledge in nutrition and which food and supplements work in which pathways to help my particular disease. She also had procedures available to me that would pinpoint specific treatments and their effectiveness on each separate tumor. No other oncologist was able to provide me with that level of care. I feel that working with both lines of treatment I am getting the best care available.

Dr. Hubbard also takes time and really cares about her patients. She is always available, even with her busy schedule and she addresses my fears and concerns with warmth and care. In would highly recommend and have recommended my friends and family to her for any health and nutritional needs one may have. It's the best thing I've done for my overall health. Currently, numerous tumors have shrank and/or disappeared, and I am confident that's happening because of her help. 

George T., CPA (Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Obesity)

I went to Dr. Hubbard because I had a cyst on my hand. She has a positive attitude, and gave frank, honest responses to my questions. She was able to treat my cyst, which is now shrinking. Also, I have diabetes. With her help, I was able to reverse my diabetic complications and received tools to maintain my overall fitness. No doctor that I have had has ever worked so hard and been more helpful with specific ways to improve my health, or answered my questions and concerns more completely.

George S., Printer (Anxiety, Palpitations, Hypertension, Obesity, Adrenal Fatigue, Pain, Neuropathy)

I started seeing Dr. Hubbard in August of 2011, after having gone to the emergency room with heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and dizziness. My doctor told me I had developed anxiety attacks, and tried to attribute it to psychological issues. That really confounded me, as I have a wonderful life and family. I certainly wasn’t going to take the psych drugs he recommended. My wife urged me to see Dr. Hubbard. My wife has been working with Dr. Hubbard for many years for various issues and has had much success.

In my case, I came to Dr. Hubbard weighing in at 245 pounds (I’m only 5’ 8”). Within 8 months, I lost 65 pounds, went from a size 44 inch waist to a 34 inch waist, and I have kept my current weight of 180 pounds for over 2 months now. It is really a joy to be able to tie my shoes without getting winded or just simply bending over to pick up something. I can sit cross-legged again.

Most importantly, my doctor’s have taken me off all medication – no more blood pressure and blood sugar meds, and no more statin drugs.

Concerning the anxiety attacks, through testing, Dr. Hubbard found that I was suffering the effects of adrenal fatigue. She put me on a protocol to deal with my cortisol and norephinephrine levels. I am no longer foggy headed, and I don’t feel like I am going to faint. I am still improving in this area, and I am finding that I am regaining my confidence and joie de vie.

Dr. Hubbard also has been treating me for peripheral neuropathy caused by an old back injury. She has been using acupuncture to reduce the tingling in my feet. Also through acupuncture, she is helping to reduce numbness in my left foot from another old injury.

If I’ve learned anything from Dr. Hubbard it is that everything is interrelated. She explains in detail, and takes the time to educate you about what is going on with your condition. And she uses plain English and examples you can relate to. She explained to me about insulin resistance by describing trucks delivering insulin to the docks of the cell and being turned away.

I readily recommend Dr. Hubbard to friends and family. Her knowledge of nutrition and acupuncture is extraordinary. The fact that she teaches medical students at Loma Linda Medical University, considered one of the finest medical schools in the country, speaks volumes of her knowledge and abilities. She has certainly been the key to my improving health and well-being and I am so grateful she is a part of my medical team.


George Santoro, Printer

Coastline Community College

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Barbara H., MEd (Tinnitus, Adverse Food Reactions, Pain)

Dr. Hubbard has treated me for many years. She explains clearly and patiently any problem and is very thoughtful in her treatment. I was able to avoid at least one surgery due to the acupuncture treatments. I feel that my quality of life has improved with her support, and am extremely grateful for her gentle manner, knowledge, and experience.

Marcia F., (Food Allergies, Leaky Gut)

Dear Dr. Hubbard, thank you so much for your attention to Judah's health issues. He truly does seem to be doing better with the correctly eliminated foods, the rotation diet, and the supplements. His skin rashes are greatly decreased and he has been able to really enjoy the pool and ocean this summer without feeling irritated on his skin. He is also sleeping much better at night! We are very, very thankful and hopeful!

Mike M., Manager (Chronic Pain)

Fourteen years ago I had a severe accident involving my left leg. Originally, the doctors wanted to amputate the leg past the knee. One doctor said he could save it. Over a period of 1.5 years, my leg was taken apart 4 times. The last time after the surgery, the doctor told me I would be in pain for the rest of my life, and it would get very bad at times.

To make a long story short, I found Dr. Hubbard. She asked about my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. I told her it has been ranging from 15 to 20. There had been times when I woke up at night crying from the pain. After my first treatment, I walked out of the office with just a little pain. To me, a miracle happened. After about four treatments, my pain was 90% gone. I actually feel like a new person. I am 64 years old and feel 25 years younger, with almost all of my pain gone.

Alesia B., Engineer (Anxiety, Fatigue, Sleep Disorder)

I heard about Dr. Hubbard through my mother. I wanted to talk to her about anxiety, stress, and other issues. I selected Dr. Hubbard because of her dedication. After beginning treatment, I immediately felt better. I was able to sleep better and had less fatigue. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hubbard to my family and friends, and would tell them to try it and just give it two weeks, to see your results.

Red F., Retired

Four and a half months ago, my wife and I discovered an invaluable resource, Dr. Ionela Hubbard. She is an expert in Preventive Medicine, a professor at Loma Linda University, and has a private practice. I am a creative listener, trained in the sciences and have attended my wife's weekly appointments with Dr. Hubbard. 

Dr. Hubbard explains the reasons for everything she does in plain English. The "why" is important as lifestyle changes are difficult to implement. Knowing why and seeing positive results helps her patients make those changes. Obesity, major illnesses such as cancerimmune system disorderscardiovascular disorders and even trauma effects can be reduced or eliminated by patient discipline and Dr. Hubbard's guidance. Conventional medicine fixes what is broken but seldom attacks the root cause of the problem. Dr. Hubbard is not dogmatic as most of us "fall off the wagon " occasionally. She helps the patient get back on track to great health. I would unabashedly recommend Dr. Ionela Hubbard to anyone who has health issues, major or minor, who wants a better life. I have seen the results, first hand, in a mere four and a half months.

Student Feedback

Dr. Hubbard was excellent. Not only was her foundation of biochemical processes strong, but her clinical medicine and ability to effectively practice medicine a skill I am encouraged to strive for. She practiced whole-person care, considering all aspects of a person's life and was very efficient with her time. I also had the opportunity to observe two sessions of acupuncture which I found very interesting. I highly suggest other students to observe as this outlook on patient care was refreshing and invigorating for my own future practice. 

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