We recommend evidence-based dietary, nutritional and botanical therapies with the intent to support our patients through their various conventional cancer treatments with the intent to maximize conventional cancer treatments, help reduce their toxic side effects, and potentially prevent cancer recurrence. 

Integrative cancer care is the marriage between conventional oncology and the healing arts. Western medicine keeps searching for a "magic bullet", which every pharmaceutical company wants to develop to make billions of dollars. This actually means that we keep approaching cancer with the war mentality: we create "weapons" that are supposed to eradicate the "enemy cells". Cancer cells are not some foreign invaders from outside our body. These are our own cells, which have lost their control mechanisms and have become ultra-efficient, multi-takers. It is hard if not impossible to heal from cancer if we decide to wage a war against our own cells. Also, healing is so much broader than that. You know this from your own lives. You can't just drink carrot juice every morning and get healthy. You can't just meditate and do nothing else and get healthy. Getting healthy and staying healthy involves everything that you are on every level, and in cancer it's the same thing.

My approach is to integrate evidence-based dietary, nutritional and botanical therapies with conventional oncologic care with the intent to maximize conventional cancer treatments (surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments), while safely reducing their toxic side effects, as well as preventing cancer recurrence. This approach incorporates cutting-edge, scientifically-based strategies with wholesome foods, natural dietary supplements, and acupuncture to help control your cancer. Over the years, I used this approach to treat patients with breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, colon cancer, multiple myeloma, and leukemia. Each patient receives an individualized treatment protocols concentrating on the following:

  • Strengthening the immune system's cancer-fighting cells (immune modulation)
  • Inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels that nourish the tumor (anti-angiogenesis)
  • Controlling the inflammation process that promotes tumor growth and invasion (anti-inflammatory)
  • Stimulating cancer cells to mature into healthy cells (differentiation)
  • Prompting cancer cells to undergo a natural, cell "suicide" (apoptosis)

In my recommendation, I avoid currently-known, harmful drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions. I teach all my patients appropriate dietary changes, how and when to take supplements, and recommends the best quality products with proven track records. I have confidence in my nutrition protocols because they are based on published scientific research (references available upon request) and personalized to your specific needs. I recommend and order periodic laboratory testing to monitor the efficacy of your lifestyle changes, nutrition and botanical protocols.