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Chronic disease results from the mismatch between our
genetic predisposition, environmental exposures, and  
lifestyle factors. Personalized programs addressing the
root causes of chronic illness can foster lifelong health.


This website and my centers are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. I specialize in Integrative Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology, Nutrition Counseling, Acupuncture, Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicine.

Integrative Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. While the conventional medicine approach suppresses the patients' symptoms, Dr. Hubbard asks and addresses the question of why the symptoms exist in the first place. 

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Functional Neurology identifies and addresses the dysfunction of the nervous system in its early stages before these subtle changes become distinct pathologies, while conventional neurology is focused on the full-blown disease.


Optimal nutrition is more than the food we need to get by. Nutrition gives our bodies the components necessary to build and maintain health and resistance to disease. Even marginal deficiencies can, over time, compromise our ability to resist diseases and to function our best. 


Traditional Oriental Medicine is an ancient system that treats the body, soul, and, mind as one integrated organism, which must remain in balance to maintain health. Oriental Medicine views health as a state of harmony and balance, while illness is the state of disharmony and imbalance. 


An Integrative Approach to Health

In my practice I focus is on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases instead of suppressing the symptoms. I treat the body as one whole system of interconnected organs which needs to be balanced in order to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Do not let anyone tell you that you must accept that you have an illness and have to learn to live with it. Instead, you should find out the true cause of your disease. Discover how to get healthy again and stay healthy without prescription drugs, which often have side effects and limited effectiveness (once you stop taking them, your problem comes back). It is my passion to help you get well and stay well in the least harmful, and long-lasting way possible.


"I truly believe I would not be as well as I am today if it were not for Dr Hubbard. She is remarkable in her dedication to her patients. We are a team!"

– C.B., Retired

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my Mom and Dad. I don't think I can ever find words to express my deepest gratitude for what you have done. Your work, kindness, and dedication has profoundly affected our entire family's life. I will never forget what you have given us and use it as inspiration for exploring what I possibly have to give. God bless you Dr. Hubbard."

– E.P. Real Estate Broker


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