‍Calcium prevents osteoporosis! So let’s all take more calcium, right? Not necessarily. We can ingest calcium but if we don't have the synergistic factors for absorption and digestion it can cause more harm than good. How can too much calcium cause harm?

First let's remember if you don't have the proper pH in your stomach, it doesn't matter what form of calcium you take it's not going to be fully utilized. Minerals must be cleaved from the foods we consume, ionized, and then attached to amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) for transport and absorption. All this work is done by the hydrochloric acid produced in our stomach. Unfortunately, hydrochloric acid decreases as we age and subsequently osteoporosis is more prevalent as we age due to the lack of all minerals not just calcium. More and more clinicians are discovering that over-the-counter and prescription antacids as well as stomach acid blocking agents are creating serious problems by decreasing physiologic levels of hydrochloric acid. Consequently, the mineral availability of our already mineral depleted diets is further compromised.

What happens when we get too much calcium or calcium in an unusable form? Calcium abnormalities show up as bone spurs, kidney stones, and calcium deposits on mammograms and heart scans. The lack of proper absorption of calcium can cause improper calcium deposits that are related to heart disease and heart attack, while the bones become osteoporotic.

Remember too much calcium can push out or displace other minerals like magnesium and potassium, which are two essential minerals for heart health. Commonly, white specks on finger nails are considered to be "zinc deficiency" spots. I think they are indicative of a general malabsorption of minerals. A patient of mine has had numerous specks on her nails for years despite zinc supplementation. She also had calcium deposits on her knuckles but found that when the calcium deposits were eliminated all the white specks on her nails disappeared as her diet and digestion improved. After experimenting with different digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid, all the calcium deposits on her fingers were gone and never returned. She continues to take a small dose of Betaine HCL and Pepsin with each meal. Her digestive issues are corrected and her nails are stronger and grow faster with no "zinc spots."

It is important to understand that major causes of poor calcium utilization are: drinking carbonated beverages, a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and antacid use. No wonder we have a calcium problem with all the antacids and acid blockers prescribed and taken by a majority of people.

The body is trying to tell us something when we get indigestion, poor growth of hair and nails, and things like bone spurs, kidney stones or calcium deposits are detected. We need to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us and not wait for something serious to develop. Pay attention to the early signs early; make a habit of looking at your nails. Do they have spots, do they crack and peel? Do you have calcium deposits around your joints?

Many of you are taking calcium, that's a good thing. However, we must make sure that you have all the correct co-factors and digestive ability to utilize it.