There are a multitude of ketone-based products on the market. But do you know what they are and their effects on our bodies? 

Ketones are well known for their ability to suppress appetite and carb cravings because they work to suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone. As you go through the day, you may experience a time when you feel a little hungry. Ketone products are designed to deliver crave-freeing energy to get you past those points of hunger or cravings. 

Some of our patients complain of "brain fog", a term that is often used to describe a lack-of-focus, poor memory, lapses in cognition, etc.  Science has found that "brain fog" can be caused by having very little GABA and way too much glutamate. This can happen when the brain is overrun by glucose or becomes insensitive to glucose utilization. As a result, the brain suddenly can't process all of the energy it needs, leaving you "foggy".  Ketones and a ketogenic diet appear to replace the energy and reduce the damaging effect of excess glucose to the brain. This can increase the GABA and its ability to resume being the powerful neurotransmitter it is. This relieves the brain of its stress, and helps it become more alert. 

Ketones are a powerhouse of energy, having 225% more energy than glucose, while not producing the by-product of lactic acid. Some ketone products have added caffeine, AAKG (known for its ability to increase nitric oxide production) with glucuronolactone to help increase strength and lean muscle gains while
inhibiting the synthesis of toxic by-products and reducing fatigue. This combination could constitute a helpful pre/post workout product. 

Ketones have been used for decades as the number one treatment for epilepsy, and are now being investigated for their strong neurological energy properties in helping mood and sleep disorders, as well as reducing stress.

When ketones are combined with N-acetyl L-tyrosine (NALT), a rapidly absorbed and highly bioavailable form of L-tyrosine, can provide some amazing mood calming effects. This is because the combination of ketones and NALT influence adrenaline and dopamine in the brain in order to reduce stress and mental agitation. 

Now, you know how ketones generate that mental lift and performance that people report as "my brain fog was suddenly lifted."