Body weight is influenced by many factors and we cannot expect to find a miracle pill, diet or exercise that solves everyone’s weight problem. Here are some issues that make us overweight and perpetuate our struggle to lose and keep off the extra pounds. 

- Genetics that seem to defeat our best efforts 

- Appetite that won’t be satisfied by healthy foods in normal amounts

-  Dietary choices that drive appetite and weight gain

-  Neurotransmitters that negatively affecting mood and appetite control

-  Hormonal imbalance driving fat storage

-  Physical activity that causes fatigue and increased hunger

-  Stress causing elevated adrenal stress hormones

-  Metabolic changes driven by the excess weight around the midsection

-  Poor detoxification may increase systemic inflammation causing weight gain

Complex interactions occur among these factors listed above and can affect multiple aspects of our health, such as metabolic rate, appetite and mood centers of the brain, thermogenesis, energy expenditure, healthy glycemic control, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and satiety.

We take all of these factors in consideration when we design our personalized weight loss program to:

 -  Support adiponectin, leptin and ghrelin, 3 metabolic hormones that affect fat metabolism, appetite control and satiety.

 -  Support healthy glucose metabolism and lipid utilization to help weight management

 -  Adjust lean mass ratio and healthy abdominal circumference

 -  Support thermogenesis, metabolic rate and fat metabolism

 -  Enhance cellular energy production and function

 -  Improve digestion and healthy microflora balance

 -  Optimize detoxification and elimination

 -  Improve cardiovascular health

 -  Balance immune function

We recommend regular blood testing to monitor these above factors and measure your progress and to adjust the protocol to reach your weight loss goal.