We live in a time where you are no longer limited to medical care within a certain radius of your home. Telemedicine is a fast-growing industry that pairs patients with doctors all over the world. Benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Access to a specialist without the cost of travel – With telemedicine you have access to a wider range of doctors than you would in your local area. Plus, you don’t have to travel to their office and can complete appointments with your computer.
  • Convenience – Often appointments are done over Skype in the comfort of your own home and then tests are ordered to a local laboratory.
  • Possibly more affordable – Sometimes telemedicine is actually more affordable because it doesn’t require office time and it makes visits more efficient.
  • Enhanced patient compliance – Many find they are more willing to interact with a doctor via telemedicine due to the convenience and comfort.

Technology is rapidly expanding our options and telemedicine is yet another way we can think outside the box for better health.