Small intestine bacterial overgrowth is the result of too little beneficial bacteria or an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, yeast, and/or parasites in the gut (alimentary canal).

The following self-assessment will help determine if you need to restore the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.


0 to 7 points: Good news! You don’t need the Dysbiosis Treatment Program. However, you should take a probiotic daily to protect and support your digestive health and immune system. A probiotic is a supplement that supplies live beneficial bacteria that help improve your own intestinal flora when you take it. We recommend Therbiotic Complete by Phrothera, Inc.

8 to 14 points: You have dysbiosis. To remedy this condition, we recommend specific dietary changes, supplementing with probiotics, and, possibly, using antibiotics and/or antifungal medicine or herbal products.

15 to 20 points: You have severe dysbiosis. To remedy this condition, we recommend doing an extended digestion, absorption, & dysbiosis stool test. In this situation we recommend a DNA PCR-based test (GI Effects) with reflexive culture-based test if needed. To restore your digestive tract environment, it may require specific antibiotic and/or antifungal medication or botanicals, as well as precise probiotic and prebiotic products.

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