Are you seeking to feel less inflamed, be able to move easier, and prevent tissue destruction? Then you might be interested in knowing that Pro-Resolving Mediators (PRMs) produced by your body from the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can promote a healthy post-inflammatory response that will support your whole-body health at the cellular level. These novel compounds:

  • Encourage healthy tissue rejuvenation to help you feel rejuvenated
  • Promote the pathways that clear cellular debris, which allows healthy cells to flourish
  • Help maintain the balance between cytokine compounds that your body needs to function harmoniously
  • Are the perfect complement to ResveraCel, Turmero Active and Curcumin Phytosome, which together promote a healthy inflammatory response

Unfortunately, in the context of chronic inflammation, Omega-3 is not completely converted to PRMs, and the benefit from taking a fish oil is never achieved. In fact, many individuals may experience a worsening of their symptoms while taking Omega-3 during an inflammatory process.

In response to an immune stressor, specialized white blood cells called neutrophils are mobilized from the bone marrow. These cells enter the site through leaks in the vessel wall. Neutrophils are activated by prostaglandins (such as PGE2) and other mediators.

This allows them to release cytotoxic free radicals and proteases. Although these substances are necessary, free radicals and proteases can damage surrounding tissue if their release continues over a prolonged period.

In order to fully utilize the healing potential of Omega-3 fatty acids, the body has to have a functional resolution pathway. This pathway is an active, coordinated process that begins when apoptotic (dying) neutrophils release specialized pro-resolving mediators (PRMs). PRMs are signaling molecules that halt further neutrophil activity and initiate a return to homeostasis (stable equilibrium maintained by physiological processes).

The resolution of the inflammatory process is made possible by these specialized pro-resolving mediators (PRMs). PRMs are a family of about 20 naturally occurring lipid mediators, divided into 4 classes: resolvins, protectins, maresins and lipoxins that are generated endogenously from essential fatty acids.

Omega-3fatty acids are precursors of the pro-resolving mediators (PRMs) 18-HEPE and17-HDHA, which are key intermediates in the formation of PRMs.(2,5-8)

Many enzymatic steps are involved in the synthesis of PRMs, and some of these steps may be inefficient because of genetic and/or metabolic factors.

For example, in context of inflammation, fish oil is not completely converted to PRMs, and may not support PRM levels sufficiently.(3,4)

These unique signaling molecules bind to receptors on the surface of immune and epithelial cells, known as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). By activating these receptors, PRMs enlist a complex process that:

  • Limit further neutrophil influx into the tissue and help maintain the body’s healthy post-inflammatory response
  • Dampen the effects of eicosanoids and cytokines that started the process.  PRMs help maintain a healthy balance between the different types of cytokine compounds, a hallmark of healthy aging
  • Recruit macrophages to clean up the cellular debris generated by the body’s natural biological response to inflammation. PRMs encourage the body’s existing pathways for naturally identifying and removing cellular debris, as well as recycling cells that no longer function optimally (9)
  • Directly support tissue remodeling and promote the body’s natural processes for revitalizing healthy skin, organs, and other vital tissues (6,10)
  • Support the natural down-regulation and containment of immune activation that would otherwise persist and interfere with tissue integrity and function.

A whole-body health regimen should include nutrients that help inhibit chronic inflammation, supporting the whole-body health post-inflammatory response. (1) The innovative PRM Supreme supplement does just that: promotes a healthy post-inflammatory response.

We recommend taking PRM Supreme as part of a comprehensive whole-body health-support regimen,1-2 caps daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.  

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