Patient Testimonial

We went to see Dr. Hubbard in July 2014 for my daughter who was 6 years old at the time.  She started displaying a lot of anxiety from 4 months and with time it only got worse.  When she was barely 4 years old she was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.  Doctors were telling us there is more to her condition but couldn't see beyond the anxiety.  When she was 6 years old she was also diagnosed with Asperger's.

We went through therapy with her for almost 4 years, saw 4 psychiatrists and too many psychologists and nothing ever helped.  Every week her situation was worsening.  We became isolated, consumed with doctor's appointments and our house was a war zone.  She was highly aggressive, consumed by obsessions, she was expressing her wish to die daily and keeping her safe was challenged every minute- running in front of cars, climbing as high as possible, starting fires in the house, running with knifes in her hand.  Other than the mental state, there was her physical condition that was also worsening:  allergies, asthma, no immunity, lethargic, never sleeping, binge eating, gaining a lot of weight very fast.  

At the end of the Kindergarten year she had fallen behind in school as well and couldn't even learn the basics.  Nothing made sense to her.

Dr.  Hubbard was our last desperate option in trying to help our daughter.  Her approach was new and very different.  Her approach was looking at my daughter's health as a whole, not only at her mental health.  We started with a change of diet which reduced the binge eating after 2 weeks.  We followed Dr. Hubbard's directions and with proper supplements and vitamins her neurotransmitter levels came down to normal levels.  Month after month my daughter's condition was changing for the better, no setbacks, no regression, no side effects.

In the past year of continuing treatment our daughter accomplished more than ever.  She fulfilled a year of activities that helped her grow the self confidence she never had.  She went on a stage in front of hundreds of people and performed without flaws. And her year at school was a huge success!!!  Socially her challenges are minimal now at school or during her free time.  But the most important is that we are getting to truly know our daughter, for the sweet caring smart amazing person she is. We see daily a happy, peaceful and full of energy child and we cherish every moment. 

Dr. Hubbard brought our daughter back and out of the deep darkness she was drowning in right under our eyes.  Dr. Hubbard's knowledge and deep analysis is so complex and comprehensive to improve your health and well being.

We can never thank Dr. Hubbard enough and will always be grateful for guiding us through such a rough period in our life.

Spera J. (Asperger Syndrome)

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