Patient Testimonial

I have been struggling with Sjogren's Syndrome for almost 20 years now.  Although most of my symptoms are bearable, I was just so tired of feeling tired all the time.  As a mother of a young daughter, I wanted to have the energy to be a good mother and keep up with her as much as possible.

One day after being exceptionally tired for no reason, I decided that I needed to make a change and decided to find a doctor that could help me figure out the root of my problem and help me make the changes I needed to feel better.  I knew that my diet was part of the problem, but what I didn’t realize until I started seeing Dr. Hubbard was that there were so many different issues contributing to my condition.  Layer by layer, we discovered those issues and treated them in a natural way.

It felt so good to finally be doing something good for myself and not feel hopeless that this is how I would feel the rest of my life, if not worse. It didn’t take long to see significant improvements in my fatigue and general well-being.  My various symptoms have also decreased significantly since starting treatment with Dr. Hubbard.  I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good since my teenage years.

I have already recommended Dr. Hubbard to other family members and I sincerely thank her for being so thorough and giving me my energy back!  I would highly recommend Dr. Hubbard to anyone who has a health issue and wants to feel better.

Sarah L, Young Mother (Sjogren's Syndrome)

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