Patient Testimonial

Four and a half months ago, my wife and I discovered an invaluable resource, Dr. Ionela Hubbard. She is an expert in Preventive Medicine, a professor at Loma Linda University, and has a private practice. I am a creative listener, trained in the sciences and have attended my wife's weekly appointments with Dr. Hubbard. 

Dr. Hubbard explains the reasons for everything she does in plain English. The "why" is important as lifestyle changes are difficult to implement. Knowing why and seeing positive results helps her patients make those changes. Obesity, major illnesses such as cancerimmune system disorderscardiovascular disorders and even trauma effects can be reduced or eliminated by patient discipline and Dr. Hubbard's guidance. Conventional medicine fixes what is broken but seldom attacks the root cause of the problem. Dr. Hubbard is not dogmatic as most of us "fall off the wagon " occasionally. She helps the patient get back on track to great health. I would unabashedly recommend Dr. Ionela Hubbard to anyone who has health issues, major or minor, who wants a better life. I have seen the results, first hand, in a mere four and a half months.

Red F., Retired

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