Patient Testimonial

A friend of my wife's referred  Dr. Hubbard to me. She had another friend that had cancer and had success through Dr. Hubbard's nutritional guidance. I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in October, 2010. Having been on many trials through my oncologist, I felt that my healthy cells were being compromised and that the bad cells weren't being attacked. I wanted to take advantage of nutritional healing as well as toxic treatments in order to get the best results possible.

Upon meeting Dr. Hubbard, I was impressed by her immense knowledge in nutrition and which food and supplements work in which pathways to help my particular disease. She also had procedures available to me that would pinpoint specific treatments and their effectiveness on each separate tumor. No other oncologist was able to provide me with that level of care. I feel that working with both lines of treatment I am getting the best care available.

Dr. Hubbard also takes time and really cares about her patients. She is always available, even with her busy schedule and she addresses my fears and concerns with warmth and care. In would highly recommend and have recommended my friends and family to her for any health and nutritional needs one may have. It's the best thing I've done for my overall health. Currently, numerous tumors have shrank and/or disappeared, and I am confident that's happening because of her help. 

Donald R., Manager (Lung Cancer)

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