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Transfer Factor L-Plus
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Transfer Factor L-Plus

60 gelcaps
Transfer Factor L-Plus™ (formerly Lym-Plus™) promotes a healthy response to environmental challenges such as lyme coinfections and herpes family viruses. This uniquely formulated transfer factor iThis product contains ingredients derived from milk. As with all targeted transfer factors, it is recommended that the health care professional confirms the patient’s condition with the appropriate lab tests prior to administering the targeted transfer factor. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement, take on an empty stomach (two hours after eating or one hour before eating) or as directed by your health care professional. Week 1: one gelcap per day Week 2 & beyond: two gelcaps per day Cautions: Some individuals may experience a herxeimer reaction, characterized by flu-like symptoms, when they first take the product. Most physicians recognize this as a normal reaction of any product developed to support the immune system. If these symptoms occur, they generally subside within two weeks. Sensitive individuals should start with one capsule every other day for the first week; one capsule per day for the second week; two capsules per day for the third week and thereafter. If individual misses a dose, he/she should not double the dose.
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